Kretinga District Municipality

Kretinga district municipality is one of the smallest and most striking municipalities in Lithuania.

Kretinga is one of the oldest Lithuanian seaside locations and has a rich and unique history, which has been created by ordinary residents of the district as well as by famous personalities of the region and the country. A famous general, Jonas Karolis Chodkevičius, established Kretinga church with monastery in 1617. Kretinga was granted with the Magdeburg right of autonomy in 1609.

The picturesque landscape of the Kretinga district attracts the eye: Minija river flows in the south-east part of the municipality, in the north – its affluent Salantas river, and in the middle – Akmena river. On the border with Latvia Šventoji river flows into the Baltic Sea. In district there is only one lake – Kašučiai lake and 30 ponds, largest of them – Lazdininkai pond. There is also the Salantai Regional Park with 165 registered species of birds and 17 species of plants from the Red Book of Lithuania. Fish attracts quite a lot of fishermen, it breeds in the gushing waters of the Minija river and other rivers of Salantai Regional Park.

Hillforts reminds the oldest history of Kretinga region when Curonians castles stood on them but were burnt down in the 13th century by the crusaders. Most important and impressive are Kartena, Anduliai, Senoji Įpiltis and Imbarė hillforts. Next to them were ancient settlements, sacrificial and burial places, as well as a lot of valuable archeological findings.

At present Kretinga region is exceptional for its attended and trimmed objects of cultural heritage as well as its deep traditions of festivals and events: St. Antony’s Feast – the festival of the town and the Manor festivals.

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