Birštonas Municipality

Birštonas – Your Very Own Story!

Birštonas is the international tourism resort and unique health services provider. Birštonas is the unique for its magnificent nature and picturesque curves of the Nemunas Loops. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful Lithuanian balneology resorts known for its royal roots. Birštonas is blessed with nature's gifts: mineral water springs, healing mud, clean air and comfortable climate. The resort takes a pride in its bromine-rich mineral water recognized and awareded in Europe. Birštonas Sanatoriums and Medical SPAs offer quality health touristic, wellness and spa services.
Birštonas embraces the unique philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp. This philosophy unites five elements of natural wellness: phytotherapy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, exercise and harmony.
Located in the centre of the country, Birštonas resort is the ideal destination to rest and harmonize body and soul which offers high-quality healthy lifestyle. Birštonas is ready to compete at the international health-services tourism market particularly in application of natural mineral water and natural resources in health tourism. Birštonas offers its guests the exceptional tourist and health objects: Mineral Water Graduation Tower, Mineral Water Pavilion, and the Kneipp Garden.
Today, Birštonas appeals to guests with modern sanatoriums, hospitable hotels, restaurants, plenty of outdoor activities and memorable events. Birštonas has exceptional, unique and high-level cultural life. Excellent and well-acoustic halls host classical and jazz music concerts, artistic exhibitions. Resort’s Nemunas bank, parks and old-fashioned houses – all this creates cosy and low-key atmosphere, complements the health benefits and helps to feel the harmony

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